Owen’s Friends

Owen’s Friends bring you on a hypnotic and unbridled trip across Ireland via Britanny, Scotland and the centre of France. Their infectious energy, enhanced by the musicians different influences produces warm, modern and bewitching music which brings people together. With Owen’s live, you won’t be able to resist dancing, their concert is a guaranteed good mood.


photogroupe Owens Friends
Fab Moryou FIDDLE
Ronan Vilain GUITAR
JB Mondoloni BODHRÁN
Céline Archambeau VOICE


« The frenzy of irish dances in one trio… »  Telerama
« There will be dancing, rhythm, movement and tapping of feet ! » Ouest France
« A guaranteed atmosphere » 20 minutes
« Owen’s friends bring joy and warmth to the hearts » France 2
« These musicians shake the dust off traditional music. » le Figaro
« They treated their audience with their vibrant, lively tunes and their bewitching music… » Libération

 “Irish music no longer only belongs to the Irish! Owen’s friends have proved this with this talented and masterful album which attests to the skill of these Parisian musicians. Lots of energy, inventiveness and expertise make this album a gem that goes against all the old cliches. As a bonus Keeva’s magnificent voice on a few songs will eventually convince you.” albumtrad.com